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                                       ‘engineering background’

Lochdhu Cottages Ltd was created in April 2005, following on from the success of Lochdubh Cottages, Timber Frame kit home Manufacturer ,  which was started in 1998 by myself, Dick Potter. I have an engineering back-ground which over the years has enabled me to engage in a very practical sense on full-scale renovation and building projects in Yorkshire and the Highlands.

                                        ‘Self-Build in its truest sense’.

Upon re-location in 1985 I embarked on a number of Timber Frame Kit Home Design and Build projects in  the Plockton area, literally ‘design and build’ as site owner / project manager, carrying out the House Design and most of the trades myself. Self-Build in its truest sense.

                              ‘Over  85 successful Timber Frame projects'

   Over a 28 year period I now have over 85 successful Timber Frame projects to my credit., many throughout  the Highlands and several in England and Wales and the south west . Most Timber Frame House Kits are designed by myself and all are built by myself with the aid of experienced joiners in my workshop here in the Highlands. We can deliver anywhere in th uk, from Caithness to Cornwall, from Dumfries to Devon. 

                 ‘Our distinctive Self-Build Timber Frame Kit Homes are affordable’

We are a small company and our distinctive Self-Build Timber Frame Kit Homes are affordable because our overheads are low.  We do not spend a fortune on advertising, flash company cars, Posh Spice look-alike secretaries or business lunches.  Having designed and constructed kit houses in Lochalsh and beyond since 1985, much of our business arises from personal recommendation and our established local reputation for good workmanship and top quality innovative design.

                         ‘inclusive  site visits and project management advice’

The inclusive site visits and project management advice has produced many satisfied customers who have had a relatively stress-free experience, knowing that they will not be left to fend for themselves after delivery of their Kit Home.

With this background in mind, we are well placed to give you, the customer, the individual help and advice that you will undoubtedly require in order to see your project through to a successful and happy conclusion.

We are with you all the way.

And proud to be different.

Yours sincerely

Dick Potter
Director / Kit House Designer / Joiner / Project Advisor

Lochdhu Cottages Ltd

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